Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Dell net profit of 502 million U.S. dollars in the second quarter fell 51 percent year on year

Beijing time on August 18, according to foreign media reports, Dell today announced second quarter fiscal 2007 earnings. Report, due to lower prices, Dell second-quarter profit fell 51%. Dell also said that as the revenue and other accounting issues identified, the United States
Securities and Exchange Commission has launched an informal investigation of the company.

As of August 4 in this quarter, Dell's net profit was 5.02 billion, or 22 cents per share. The relatively large decline in performance over the previous year, the second quarter of fiscal 2006, Dell's net profit was 10.2 billion U.S. dollars, 41 cents per share.

Dell second-quarter operating profit of 605 million, compared with 1.173 billion U.S. dollars last year fell 46%; revenues of 14.09 billion U.S. dollars, compared with 13.43 billion U.S. dollars last year growth of 5%.

Despite the sharp drop in net profits, but Dell's second quarter results met analyst expectations. Reuters survey, analysts had expected Dell's second quarter earnings of 22 cents per share on revenue of 140 billion. July 21 this year, Dell issued a profit warning, said second-quarter net profit 30% lower than expected due to lower product prices. Dell second-quarter operating cash flow of nearly 700 million U.S. dollars, as of the end of the second quarter, cash and investments of 108 million.

The second quarter of fiscal 2007, Dell's revenue from the Americas region of 92 billion dollars, 8.9 billion U.S. dollars over the same period last year, up 3% in the company's revenue accounted for 65%; revenues from Europe 30 billion dollars, 2.9 billion last year up 3% in the company's revenue accounted for 21%; from the Asia-Pacific and Japan revenue was 19 billion, over last year to 16 billion dollars 17% share in the company's revenue was 14%. Dell said the company's second-quarter PC sales grew 6% in the global market accounted for 19.3% share.

The second quarter of fiscal 2007, Dell desktop computer sector revenues to 49 billion dollars, 5.1 billion last year fell 4%; mobile sector revenue of 37 billion dollars, 3.4 billion last year up 8%; server and network segment revenue for the 1.4 billion U.S. dollars, compared with last year's 1.3 billion increased 1%; storage segment revenue of 5 billion dollars, 400 million U.S. dollars over the same period last year, up 36%; enhanced services revenue was 1.4 billion U.S. dollars, 1.2 billion last year increased by 21%; software and peripherals sector revenue was 22 billion U.S. dollars, two billion U.S. dollars last year increased 10%.

Dell also announced the expansion of cooperation with AMD, with AMD processors will be launched next month's Dimension desktops, and was adopted before the end of AMD dual-and multi-processor servers. Dell this week announced a global recall of 4.1 million laptop batteries because these batteries may overheat and even cause a fire. Dell said the recall would not have a material impact on its performance, because the Sony laptop battery manufacturers will bear the major cost. Analysts expect the laptop battery recall will bring 200 million U.S. dollars to 400 million U.S. dollars of expenditure.

The same day, Dell shares in regular trading on the Nasdaq rose 0.07 cents, or 22.80 U.S. dollars, or 0.31%. In after-hours trading, Dell's down 1.19 cents, 21.61 U.S. dollars, down 5.22%.

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